Phone/Accessory Return Policy

We will gladly accept returns or make exchanges on merchandise purchased from Russell Cellular within 14 days of purchase.

The original customer receipt must accompany all returns.

At our discretion, we may decline your return or charge you a fee for a missing item, or for items that we determine are damaged or require service, or for items that we cannot certify as new equipment. If you return a phone without a UPC on the box, the amount of the refund will be reduced by the amount of any mail-in rebate that was available for the phone at the time of purchase. Purchases made by cash, check, or credit card will be refunded by check, credit card, respectively.

If you received a discount based on the purchase of an item (i.e. "Buy One, Get One Free" or similar offer), the return of that item will result in the forfeit of the discount, which may be deducted from any refund amount.

All sales are final on batteries, shells, and screen protectors.

Exchange New Merchandise

Within 14 days of purchase of new merchandise, you may exchange it one time. In order to make the exchange, return the merchandise (including phone, charger, battery, instructions, etc.) in its ORIGINAL box with the original UPC label in place. All merchandise must be in like-new condition. Please have your customer receipt available as proof of purchase. A $35 restocking fee will apply.  A $70 restocking fee will apply to all Tablets & Netbooks.

Device Exchange Program

If you're having a problem with your device, just contact Verizon Wireless Technical Support toll-free at 1.866.406.5154, from a landline phone. We'll diagnose the issue if we cannot resolve the problem while you're on the line and the problem is caused by a manufacturing defect within the first year you own the device, we'll send you a Certified Like-New Replacement (either a like unit or one of comparable quality) right to your door at no cost to you.

If you call us after the return and exchange period, the device you receive may be reconditioned equipment. Certified Like-New Replacements will carry the remaining warranty period from the original device, or 90 days, whichever is greater.

If the original one-year warranty period has expired and you are not enrolled in the Extended Warranty or Total Equipment Coverage programs, Verizon   Wireless will assess a fee if you wish to replace a defective device due to electrical malfunction or manufacturer defect. You have 14 days from the date of activation of a new device to enroll in Extended Warranty or Total Equipment Coverage. The deductible fee for Certified Like-New Replacements after one year from original purchase is $50.

Devices subjected to neglect, misuse, liquid damage, unreasonable wear and tear and the like are not eligible for any return or exchange program. This program does not cover devices on Prepaid Accounts or lost or stolen devices.

Apple Manufactured Products

Any fully-functioning, like-new Apple product may be returned or exchanged within the guidelines and conditions of the return and exchange policies.  Should an Apple product malfunction at any time after the device is initially sold, contact Apple Care at 1.800.275.2273.  Apple is solely responsible for the warranty and technical support of all Apple products.